Featured Success Story Anthony Sherman

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blockquote6With Workout Boss’s weight loss program, I lost 25 pounds in 30 days and I am getting a lot of compliments from people on how I look and for the first time, I feel awesome and poised to continue my quest to reach 220!

Anthony with wife Tracy ShermanMy name is Anthony Sherman and I am 40 years old. I have always struggled with my weight and high blood pressure. I have tried numerous methods of dieting, exercise and strength training and I could never seem to get below 260 pounds, which has been very discouraging. In mid 2009, while during a routine check up, I discussed with my doctor my issues of struggling to lose weight. My doctor’s main concern was for my health and wanted to get to the root of what’s causing my high blood pressure and referred me to Wisconsin Heart Group to which initiated the season of many testing procedures. One of which was to undergo a heart stress test. During the physical stress test portion, my levels appeared to be completely normal however, during the rest portion of the testing, my levels were not as good and they found, what appeared to be, blockage in my ventricles. This prompted the scheduling of a heart catheterization as they were prepared to insert a stint. In September of 2009, I underwent the heart catheterization and what they found was aortic aneurysms in two of my ventricles causing thinning of the walls. This prompted annual CTA Scans and quarterly Cardiac Check Ups.

In mid summer of 2011, I was introduced to Chris Aiello of Workout Boss through mutual friends and I explained my issue and all the programs I tried in the past. Chris immediately showed great concern for my health and took it upon himself to create a special program for me after learning that my attempt to re-enter Mixed Martial Arts was cut short due to me blacking out after an intense work out with my coach. I gave permission for my Cardiac Doctor to communicate with Chris on such program and to keep each other updated in regards to my progress and therefore I became I client of Chris. When I started with Chris, my weight was 280 and the challenge started. Chris pushed me and his workouts were intense but very rewarding as I began to feel a difference in the way I felt and could see a definite change in my progression in my workouts. During a follow up appointment with my cardiac doctor, my weight dropped from 280 to 273, which my doctor was happy to see a 7-pound drop in weight in one month.

Anthony Sherman - Before and AfterIn December of 2011, Chris informed me that he was going to attend a seminar training to add detoxification to his list of services and asked me to be a part of his new program. At this time, I knew I had to make a difference and elected to go through this program. Once Chris came back from his training, he scheduled a meeting with me and he discussed the program in detail and what it would entail which for me, was a major sacrifice in what I had to change, as this would be a lifestyle change. Chris said I owed it to my family to get healthy to see my daughters grow up. On January 16, 2012, I started the 30-day detoxification program weighing approximately 270 pounds (forgot weigh myself until two days later). The program was different than anything I have ever done before and was intense as it eliminated all dairy and meats. During this program, I can honestly say that I had no cravings for anything as the natural sweetness of the fruit curbed my appetite. It was great having Chris and his fiancé Ally sending me recipe’s for smoothies and treats and everyday I felt satisfied and more alert. Except for one day due to having a head cold, I never felt sluggish or had a lack of energy. Chris would post snack recipes and other recipes that allowed me to experience with new foods for this program, especially Super Bowl snacks that were out of this world. At no time did I cheat on this program or even think about cheating as instant results could be felt and not just observed. Throughout this weight loss program, Chris and I communicated about my progress and he encouraged me on a daily basis. Towards the end of my detoxification, I found the need to purchase new clothing because all of my pants were too big and baggy and for the first time in probably 20 years, I am able to buy slimmer fitting shirts.

The last day of my weight loss and detoxification fell on Valentines Day where upon my final weigh in, I weighed 245 pounds. I lost 25 pounds in 30 days and I am getting a lot of compliments from people on how I look and for the first time, I feel awesome and poised to continue my quest to reach 220! Now that my detoxification is over, I have elected to continue with the program allowing one healthy meal option per day like chicken or fish still watching all sugar and sodium intake as well as eliminating foods with preservatives, etc. and allowing one cheat meal per week. It has been two weeks and I am still losing weight down to 241. I’ve always had a dream of running a race or a small marathon if I would ever lose enough weight. Well, now that I have lost almost 30 pounds, I have decided to face my fear and make my dream come true by entering the Tough Mudder Competition in September of 2012. Yeah…. I’m scared and probably out of my mind but if I can conquer my weight, I can conquer anything! “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” – Philippians 4:13.

~ Anthony Sherman