12-Hour Massage Rescheduling Policy

Cancellations and Rescheduling

We understand that sometimes an appointment may have to be rescheduled for a later date & time. Therefore, we have created a ‘rescheduling policy” that is fair to both you – the client, as well as the massage therapist.

Late Rescheduling policy

Workout Boss has a 12-hour rescheduling policy. If you do not arrive for the scheduled session or cancel within 12 hours of your appointment, your account will automatically be charged a late rescheduling fee (see below). However if you contact us before the 12-hour cancellation window, for example if your appointment is for 6pm and you call 414.465.2348 and leave a voicemail, or email massage@workoutboss.com at or before 6am, notifying us that you need to reschedule, you will NOT be subject to the rescheduling fee.

How to Reschedule

Email info@workoutboss.com with your name, appointment time, location and the date and time you would like to reschedule. Or call us at 414.465.2348. If you are calling please leave a voicemail with your name, appointment time, and the date and the best time of day to reach you.

Late Rescheduling Fee

The late rescheduling fee is 50% of the full price of the scheduled massage appointment. For example, if you are rescheduling a 60-minute massage at $69, inside of the 12-hour cancellation window, your account will be charged $34.5, or 50% of the appointment price.

What If  I  Do Not Have A Credit Card On File?

If we do not have your credit card on file, your account profile becomes listed as “outstanding” and the fee is required to be paid before scheduling any future massage sessions. This can be taken care of by phone or by creating your personal login through Mindbody Online https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/classic/home?studioid=38307

What If I have A Discount Massage package?

If you have a discounted massage package and need to reschedule your massage inside of the 12 hour rescheduling policy window, the rescheduling fee will be 50% of the FULL PRICE of the massage. For example, if you have a massage package that is 3 60-minute massages for $177 ($59 per massage), your account will charged 50% of $69 (the full price for a 60-minute massage).

Late Reschedule or NO-SHOW With PROMOTIONAL COUPONS (Groupon, Google Deals, Living Social)

We greatly appreciate the new clients referred to us through social marketing, and we do our best to ensure that ALL of our clients receive the same great service, no matter how you hear about us! That being said, we also hold all of our clients to the same “Rescheduling Policy”. If you are using a social coupon and do not arrive for the scheduled appointment or need to cancel a massage within the 12-hour Rescheduling Policy window, your account will automatically be charged the Late Rescheduling Fee of 50% full price value of the service. You can then reschedule your session. If you do not have a credit card on file, the fee is required to be paid before rescheduling your massage.

Groupon Promise: https://www.groupon.com/groupon-promise

Please understand that is our desire to see that you do come in for your scheduled service. If you are unsure of your appointment time or feel that a conflict may arise, it may be best to schedule the appointment when you are 100% confident that you can make the appointment. We thank you for your business and for trusting us with your health and wellness needs


The Workout Boss & CrossFit Funky Team