Getting Started With CrossFit Funky!

Workout Boss – Milwaukee’s leader in Personal Training and Massage Therapy is now paired with CrossFit  – the fastest growing fitness community in the world, and are here to help you achieve your fitness goals for the long run. 

I am new to CrossFit!

If so, our CrossFit On-Ramp $125 NEW ATHLETE PACKAGE below was designed with you in mind! The On-Ramp classes are 4 training sessions with a CrossFit Coach. These sessions are designed to build confidence and safety before starting regular CrossFit classes. You will learn the ‘9 Foundational Movements’ of CrossFit and how to scale or modify complex movements until the necessary strength and skill are developed to perform these movements. Your trainer will watch you move, instruct you on the proper way to move, and then watch you move again with adjustments. It’s a great time!

  • On-Ramp classes are held the first two weeks of each month on TUESDAY & THURSDAY 7PM.
  • Your NEW ATHLETE PACKAGE includes a 30 day CrossFit Pass and a 30 day Circuitfit Pass (1 calendar month congruent with the On-Ramp classes)
  • After you’ve purchased your ‘NEW ATHLETE PACKAGE’ below, you can register for your On-Ramp classes through our online SCHEDULE.

CrossFit On-Ramp

I am an experienced CrossFitter looking to start immediately!

You’ve been beaten down by “Fran”, you’ve tangled with “Grace” and you’re just looking for the best place in town to hit some new PR’s! We’ve been waiting for you! PURCHASE YOUR CrossFit MEMBERSHIP or pricing option online or in person then view our SCHEDULE to find a class and jump in!


  • monthly auto pay
  • $125
  • MONTHLY 2x/week

  • month-to-month
  • $85

*No hidden fees. Cancel anytime with 30-Day notice on Monthly Memberships
*Couples and Families (same household) receive 10% OFF your MONTHLY membership
*Service men and women receive 10% OFF your MONTHLY membership
*Prepay Membership options available upon request. Email