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Milwaukee’s Best in Personal Training Will Help You Reach your Life Fitness Goals!

Thinking of a better you? We offer CUSTOMIZED PERSONAL TRAINING! Studies show resistance and endurance training develops your brain, detoxes your body, builds your physique and makes you happier and more creative. Get your best body on!

blockquote6I really appreciate your friendship and the professional way in which you “care” for the client. Most executives like myself really value people who will “look out for their best interest”. Serving and Caring for others is a rare gift. Thanks for demonstrating that gift through your wellness counseling, personal training and massage therapy. All the best!

~ Dale E Jones

Our trainers will help you make both the subtle and dramatic changes needed to improve your movement-strength-balance and you will find yourself doing with ease things you had never before thought possible!

We will guide you through a series of exercises using a variety of equipment such as free weights, cable machines, punching bags, battling ropes, kettlebells and more, to get your blood pumping in the safest, most efficient way possible and to maximize your time. You will quickly see gains in strength, speed, size, agility, flexibility, hand eye coordination, balance, stability and confidence. Your body will feel strong, refreshed and you will know why they call us Workout Boss!

Whether looking for renewed health & Fitness, athletic training, strength & bodybuilding or even rehab training, Workout Boss was founded with you in mind.

GET results with a WORKOUT BOSS Personal Training & FITNESS Coach

  • Personal Training PACKAGES including 3-month and 6-month pricing options
  • 30 & 60min sessions to fit your goals
  • Individual and Partner scheduling offered!
  • Payment plans available

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60 Min Personal Training Packages

30 Min Personal Training Packages