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Stretch/Warmup: 5-7 minutes

Strength: Bench Press 5×10
*18 minutes to complete sets
*Always start with a few warm up sets
*The Goal is to GRADUALLY increase weight each set
*Have athletes partner up and SPOT EACHOTHER
*IT’S OK TO FAIL…as long as you have a spotter!!

Skill: Muscle Up(Bar and Ring)
*Work for around 5 to 7 minutes
*Focus on dynamic hip thrust and dynamic pull for bar muscle up
*Focus on progressions for ring muscle ups

18 minute AMRAP

3 ring dips(sub ring dips with band, or matador dips, or matador dips with band)
3 chest to bar pull ups(sub kipping pull ups, or ring rows)
6 ring dips
6 chest to bar pull ups
9 ring dips
9 chest to bar pull ups
And so on until 18 minute time cap


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