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About Us

We Promote Regular Exercise, Bodywork and Proper Nutritional Choices

At Workout Boss, our mission is to motivate and empower others with the education and awareness needed to make significant lifestyle changes. Founded by Chris Aiello in 2010,  Workout Boss offers the best in Personal Training and Sports & Therapeutic Massage. Located in New Berlin, Chris, his personal trainers & massage therapists have brought focused individualized attention to clients who seek performance training as well as rehabilitative guidance and recovery.

Customized training for individual needs

At Workout Boss our professional team will strive to gain the best understanding for who you are, and what your body needs.

There is no such thing as a cookie cutter workout or massage sequence with us. Our massage therapists and personal trainers tailor each session based on your strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes and even how you are feeling on the day of your session.

Meet Our Team

 With 17 years of professional Massage Therapy experience and 20 years of personal training experience.

chris personal training massage

Chris Aiello

Personal Training, CrossFit L2, Massage Therapy

Chris has been practicing Massage Therapy since 2007 and is Wisconsin's premier licenses massage therapist for UFC fighters, top corporate executives and is an exclusive L.M.T. for Cirque Du Soleil (Milwaukee shows). As a certified personal trainer, Chris has had the honor of providing strength and conditioning to world class mix martial artists, football players, and other athletes including the MSOE Cheerleading team. Chris’ most rewarding work is done on a daily basis educating people who are new to exercise, which he did for 7 years as a CrossFit gym owner and head coach. Chris’ approach to fitness and wellness is a complete lifestyle change done in a fun and educational way.