About Workout Boss & CrossFit Funky

We make it our mission to motivate our clients by empowering them with the education and awareness they need to make significant lifestyle changes through regular exercise, bodywork and proper nutritional choices.

Our History

Owner and founder Chris Aiello first created Workout Boss in 2010 for offering the best in Personal Training along with Sports & Therapeutic Massage. Working out of the Blatz in downtown Milwaukee, Chris and his trainers & therapists have brought focused individualized attention to clients seeking performance training as well as rehabilitative guidance and recovery.

…and then there was CrossFit Funky!

CrossFit Funky, New Berlin, WI

In 2013 Chris was introduced to CrossFit. The emphasis on group fitness through scalable dynamic workouts overlapped easily with the principles guiding the Workout Boss Method – a system of exercise training and bodywork that incorporates strength, balance/awareness, postural alignment, flexibility, core stabilization, injury prevention and recovery. Workout Boss expanded to what is now our New Berlin facility and is also home of CrossFit Funky – an ever growing community gym with daily group fitness classes, one-on-one training and therapeutic massage.

Our Team Is Here To Help

Meet Milwaukee’s Best in CrossFit, Personal Training and Therapeutic Massage.

At Workout Boss our professional team will strive to gain the best understanding for who you are, and what your body needs.

There is no such thing as a cookie cutter workout or massage sequence at Workout Boss. Our massage therapists and personal trainers customize every single session based on your strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes and even how you are feeling on the day of your session.