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CrossFit Funky New Berlin Summer Challenge WOD 7.1

By June 30, 20143 Comments

Row 3min

Jump Rope 3 min

Strength- Reverse grip bench press

WOD 7.1- Tabata (8rds- 20sec work/10sec rest)- DO AS MANY REPS AS YOU CAN!

Count and record total reps after 8 rounds, for each exercise.

Med ball sit ups (20/12)

1min rest

Walking overhead med ball lunges (20/12)

1min rest

Double unders/single unders (divide single unders by 2 when adding total reps)

1min rest

Flexed arm hang- Count total seconds you stayed up. Once you drop you can’t go back up until the next round begins.

1min rest

Kettle bell Swings (2pood/1pood)


Total up each individual athletes total reps for their score.


Coaches choice


  • leah says:

    Reverse Grip Bench Press Weight: 55/60/65/75
    Tabata Reps: 69 med ball situps / 47 walk overhead med ball lunges / 169 SU / 21(yellow), 60(pink) kettle bell strict pull, no swing due to back

  • Nick Stauff says:

    Reverse Grip Bench Press Weight: 95/115/135/135/135
    Tabata Reps: 71 20# med ball situps / 71 walk overhead 20# med ball lunges / 131 SU (262/2) / 80 kettle bell swings 1 pood

  • Keith K says:

    Forgot to take pic of my times :-/