New Berlin Barbell Club Gym

Want to increase strength & performance? Weightlifting is the sport for all sports. New Berlin Barbell Club is for people ages 12+. Emphasis on Clean & Jerk and the Snatch.

  • Learn proper technique for the Olympic lifts (clean & Jerk and the snatch)
  • Train muscles that support building strength
  • 24/7 support and video analysis via private facebook page
  • Competition prep coaching and mock meets held at CrossFit Funky

Classes are currently held every Saturday at 8am.

Classes are designed & led by USAW athlete and Sports Performance Coach Megan Busckopf, current Master’s state record holder, 63kg class, for the clean & jerk and the snatch.

Contact for more information or check out our Facebook page and DM us!

New Berlin Barbell Club membership includes all access to classes, private facebook group, video assessment of your lifts and 24/7 online coach access. Monthly: $85