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Personal Training

You Are Stronger Thank Your Excuses

Our personal trainers are fully booked at the moment.

We help you become the best version of yourself

With over 15 years of experience working with clients one-on-one, Workout Boss trainers have developed a LIFESTYLE change program by combining KEY elements of health and wellness into one.

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Experienced Personal Trainers in New Berlin

Our trainers have the experience to see and communicate the sometimes obvious, but often subtle, adjustments that can be made to improve movement and even mental focus.

We train to develop overall strength, endurance, cardiac health, and mobility.

Personal Training includes:

  • Specific Warm-up (includes pre-session consult)
  • Small muscle isolation and large muscle strength exercises
  • Metabolic conditioning/HIIT Cardio workout
  • Manual stretch by your trainer (55min sessions only)
  • Outtake and recommendations

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