What’s so different about a Workout Boss Massage?

At Workout Boss, it’s our job, nay, our passion to help you find the right massage treatment specific to your body’s needs.

At Workout Boss, our underlying belief is that everyone can achieve a pain free functional body. No matter what your daily movement patterns are or what type of injury you’ve sustained, we know that massage therapy, one of the oldest healing modalities (if not the oldest), can help.

All of our therapists are trained to listen, understand, discuss, & then through their extensive training and experience, apply the correct massage modalities, to the correct area, the proper way, with the proper pressure. Sound different yet?

We pride ourselves in our approach as well as the multitude of clients we help on a daily basis – people who have often been searching for decades for a solution to their aches, pains, digestive issues, head issues, joint issues and even reproductive issues.

Our therapists are trained in “Myofascial Release”, one of the most underutilized, yet most effective, soft tissue manipulation techniques in the world. Releasing restrictive connective tissue can be freeing to both the body & mind. Whenever someone holds a posture for long periods of time (such as working at a computer), the connective tissue will begin to harden around the muscles performing this posture to “assist” the body. But what about when a person is done working at their computer or answering the telephone all day, or driving? The connective tissue is STILL trying to hold these muscles into place causing pain and discomfort throughout the body due to tissue being stretched and pulled in one direction. We can release this connective tissue. We can retrain your body’s fascia to return to it’s neutral position so that movement becomes easier and pain becomes less & less. If you have ever been in an accident or sustained an injury, the connective tissue in your body will tighten up around this area as a defense mechanism. What happens years later when the area is healed, yet for some reason the area remains “not quite the same”, or you begin to experience headaches or chronic pain in other areas of the body? This could be due to the tight connective tissue in the area where you experienced trauma! We will ask these questions to get to the real source of the problem to help you live pain-free like when you were a kid.

Another technique we offer is one that is not utilized or even heard of in most massage therapist offices. It is the release of the Iliopsoas muscles or “Psoas Release”. These most powerful hip flexors can become tight and shortened from a sitting, running, biking and a plethora of other activities we do on a daily basis. The muscles lie UNDER the abdominal muscles and anterior to the spine. We can find it, and release it in the most comfortable way possible. This one you’ll just have to experience for yourself. Trust us, it’s a lot more fun than chronic back pain.

Other modalities we specialize in are:

  • Deep tissue massage of the head, neck, shoulders, low-back, hips and glutes
  • Trigger point therapy of the suboccipital, the face and the feet (reflexology)
  • Gua Sha, the ancient Chinese method of clearing scar tissue and stagnant blood blockages to improve circulation and remove toxins from the body

Please read some of our REVIEWS to see other people’s experiences have been like with us. We’d love to meet you and speak with you about how our massage and bodywork can help you in your daily life. Thank you.

~ Chris Aiello, owner/operator/Licensed Massage Therapist/Personal Trainer