Personal Training

Milwaukee’s BEST personal trainers will help you become the best version of yourself. Here’s how…

  • With over 15 years of experience working with clients one-on-one, Workout Boss trainers have developed a a LIFESTYLE change program by combining KEY elements of health and wellness into one.
  • Our trainers have the experience to see and communicate the sometimes obvious, but often subtle, adjustments that can be made to improve movement and performance
  • We train to develop strength from core to extremities and to fine-tune the body’s energy systems. #testandadjust #lifelongfitness

45 & 55-minute sessions by appointment

Workouts include:
-Specific Warm up (includes pre session consult)
-Small muscle isolation and large muscle strength exercises
-Metabolic conditioning
-Manual stretch by your trainer (55min sessions only)
-Outtake and recommendations

Say yes to a lifestyle choice that will help reduce stress, make you feel younger and make you more productive. Fitness is not about looking good (yes, that is a positive side-effect), fitness is about feeling good and being the best YOU that you can be!

At your INTRO Personal Training session:

  1. Intake- A Workout Boss trainer will meet with you to discuss your fitness goals, your health history, likes/dislikes, your schedule, eating habits, and more
  2. Testing- The first session will include a workout designed to collect hard data and give us a sense of your current movement, fitness and experience levels
  3. Measurements- We will offer bodyfat testing, weight and measurements
  4. Nutrition Consultation- There will be time also to assess your current eating habits and discuss the best options for you based on your schedule, likes and dislikes.
  5. Planning your Workout Program- You and your trainer will go over the best options for scheduling sessions (we recommend 2 days minimum/week but the frequency will be based on your personal goals)
  6. 24/7 Access- You will have 24 hour access to your trainer via email should you have any questions.

For more info & scheduling:

  • We will never sell your info to 3rd parties. We will only use this info to contact you or send appointment reminders. We can always remove your info upon request.
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blockquote6I really appreciate your friendship and the professional way in which you “care” for the client. Most executives like myself really value people who will “look out for their best interest”. Serving and Caring for others is a rare gift. Thanks for demonstrating that gift through your wellness counseling, personal training and massage therapy. All the best!

~ Dale E Jones