Precision Nutrition

The key to a healthy lifestyle is developing healthy habits in 3 main areas: exercise, recovery and nutrition.

For optimal health and well being, it’s imperative that all 3 areas have a good balance. Workout Boss/CrossFit Funky is dedicated to helping educate and bring balance to your life in all 3 areas. Some people may have excellent eating habits yet lack the motivation to exercise regularly; others may have a “poor” diet but love to workout (or workout due to their poor diet!).precision-nutrition-coach-wisconsin

Let us help develop a healthy you!

Exercise - Personal Training, CrossFit, & CircuitFit


Recovery Therapeutic-Massage & ROMWOD Mobility




What is Nutrition Coaching?

Let’s start with what Nutrition Coaching is NOT! Nutrition coaching is NOT meant to help cure diseases. Nutrition coaching is not a cookie cutter approach to weight loss like most fad diets.

Nutrition Coaching IS all about teaching healthy habits that are sustainable, by instilling healthy habits week by week and educating each person about food and their bodies. The goal is to create lasting and realistic lifestyle changes based on each client’s individual goals.

What If I’ve Tried Everything? How is This Different?

Precision Nutrition Coaching at Workout Boss/CrossFit Funky is different because you will be held accountable by your Nutrition Coach each week for 16 weeks! Precision Nutrition Coaching is a realistic approach that takes into consideration your lifestyle and caters to your strengths. For example: If you do not have time to prepare your meals for the week, or that day even, it isn’t realistic to have you buy a bunch of tupperware containers and a bag of chicken breast and tell you to prep your meals for the week! What is more realistic for someone with little time is to take a look at what restaurants are around you and help you choose food that is geared toward your goals or what and how to ask for a custom dish that meets your nutritional needs.

What is Included With The 16 Week Program?

  • An intake form to make sure your coach has all the information they need to create a program that works for you! There is a health intake form, 3 day food journal, and a “Readiness Questionnaire” to make sure you are 100% committed.
  • Bi-weekly bodyfat analysis and measurements to monitor body composition.
  • 16 coaching sessions up to 45 minutes in length each week, where you and your coach will discuss your plan, nutrition, exercise, and make changes as needed.
  • 24/7 email access to your nutrition coach so they can get back to you with any questions you may have.
  • Access to healthy recipes that actually taste good via the Precision Nutrition “Gourmet Nutrition” cookbook (
  • Discounts on massage, personal training, and group fitness classes!

Is there a couples discount?

Due to the individualized nature of the program each person’s program will be different therefor the nutrition coach must spend time with each person separately for optimal results. Programs will vary based on gender, fitness goals, body composition and lifestyle.

How Much Does It Cost

$225/month for 4 months or 1 payment of $795.
Email to get started!