CrossFit & Group Classes

This place has helped me save my life, and for that no words can be said to thank them. Chris, Melody, Jeremy, Erik and Luke have helped me find that inner athlete again, so take the chance and do what I did. You will not regret it! ~Shaun F

Melody is a fantastic instructor. Keeps pushing me to get better every class. Great quick workout at lunch leaves me charged up rest of the day. ~Paul G

An instructor drives the energy of each workout session. Joey made the experience a great one! He was friendly, knowledgable and very accommodating for my first class! I will definitely be returning for another workout! ~Erin D

Great class and helpful tips! ~Sara S

ALWAYS AMAZING! I’m 51 at the end of December; between buldging disks and slipped vertebrae from a recent car accident; my bronchial asthma and over weight and old age I never thought I could do this! thank you to everyone for help guidance and encouragement! This is a great new journey and I’m excited to see where I be be with it in 2017! You are all my inspiration! ~Teresa P

Daanng, that was a good workout… I’ll be back Monday to pick my arms up…they fell off! 😉 ~Nichole S

Just recently completed the 6 week New You Challenge at CrossFit Funky in New Berlin. It was an amazing experience!! The trainers who work there are so kind, and very motivating! My body has changed in ways that I never knew possible. I am so happy with my results and am completely motivated to continue my fitness and weight loss journey at this gym. I signed up for 3 more months and am so pumped!!! Thank you so much to these wonderful coaches and this excellent facility!! I highly recommend this gym to everyone! ~Heather B

It’s no joke, but it’s an absolute blast. Chris and Mel are great coaches that push you and are very supportive. Do yourself a favor and give them a try! ~Josh M

Motivating and intense! Support and teamwork was amazing. ~Jake S

Mel is awesome. She really pays attention to safe and good form all while pushing you. Today’s WOD was the toughest to date. ~Nicholas S

Such a great workout- great community and great coaching, with attention to proper form. Loved it! Thanks for a great start to the day!! ~Jen S

“Boss-ome”!! Recommend this Box to anyone. Coaches are great and helpful. ~Wendy C

Personal Training

Chris at Workout Boss is truly an excellent personal trainer. The results I have achieved are due to his combination of diverse training methods. He is professional, enthusiastic and committed to his work. ~Brittany G

I really appreciate your friendship and the professional way in which you “care” for the client. Most executives like myself really value people who will “look out for their best interest”. Serving and caring for others is a rare gift. Thanks for demonstrating that gift through your wellness counseling, personal training and massage therapy. All the best! ~Dale J

Starting to training with Chris has been one of the best decisions I’ve made for my health. I feel stronger and more physically capable than ever in all the activities I love and now I’m even starting to look forward to working out! I can’t recommend it enough! ~Kayte F

As someone who has committed my life to playing sports and being lifestyle conscious, I thought working out with Chris would be easy?! Then came my first training and did not know that in 30mins I could sweat so much and feel muscle fatigue so quickly. Week 2 came and then week 3 and now the the results are in showing through!!! Thanks to Chris and his training programs. I am hooked and loving the challenging workouts. ~Josef

Every work out routine differs so much, I am in heaven three days a week, I can’t get enough of it! ~Nas L

Massage Therapy

If you love deep pressure, you’ll love Workout Boss. Felt really relaxed and the effects of the massage lasted for weeks! ~Karen C

Chris is an amazing massage therapist. I am an instructor of massage and have very high standards. I highly recommend him. ~Jeffrey M

Amazing! Great for athletes. ~Scott B

Chris is great! Knowledgeable and nice. Hidden MKE gem. ~Eric D

Very knowledgeable. Also experienced took time to really work on the trouble areas. ~Vinnie M

Fantastic! Could have stayed for another 90 minutes! ~Anne F

The massage therapist was very professional and excellent at her craft. I would highly recommend them. ~Nancy W

It was a wonderful massage! She worked on all my tight muscles. I will return! ~Debra B

Wonderful experience!! It was deep but very good! Highly recommend them. ~JOE and MARIE M.

Great service… Very nice even though we were a little late. One of the best massages I have had! Awesome! ~Valentin B

Best massage I have had in a long time! ~Brenda L

Fantastic massage! ~Diane B

Great first experience. Carly is a magician. ~Jim A

Usually massages are more “relaxation” in nature. I am an athlete and needed some serious work done. The massage from Workout Boss was awesome! The therapist didn’t hold back and formatted the session to my needs. I will be going back! ~Andrea C

Best massage I’ve ever had, had hundreds ~Sheenalynn A

Maison is amazing! I will always request her. It is best to schedule an appointment but Maison will get you in at the last minute, if she has an opening. She listens to your needs and cares! ~Tina M

Will definitely be back soon. ~Jennifer N

Awesome massage. Knew exactly what areas needed the most attention and took care of them. Chris has built a good business for himself. Very Proud to know him. ~Kim S

The massage therapist was excellent. The Workout Boss is lucky to have someone of such a high caliber. I usually leave the massage thinking it was ok. I left happy and bought a future package for additional Massages. ~Janet H

Great massage, Maison did exactly what I requested with great skill and strength. She relieved all the tight spots and relaxed the muscles perfectly. I received professional service. ~Karen

Excellent customer service and one of the best massages I’ve had. ~Kathleen M

One of the best massages I’ve had and very comfortable environment. ~Meghan B.

Great Job!!! I really was impressed with the service and professionalism. I will be back soon. I left feeling so good. Thank You. ~Angela O

Just had one visit but looking forward to my next visit….next week ~Stephen B

This is a great place for a deep tissue massage. Hard to find and I have been receiving massages for over 10 years! ~Joyce C

Very professional and knowledgeable!!! Did wonders for my back and shoulders!!! If you are athletic, this is the place to go to get your body back on track!!! ~Josh R

Thanks for a great sports massage! Appreciated the focus sore muscles for marathon recovery. ~Megan

Very professional staff, great relaxing message & calming atmosphere. Worth every penny! ~Jamie L

I feel great! They listened to what my needs were and specifically targeted problem areas. They took the time after to explain areas they found to be an issue and ways to prevent flair up in the future. Well worth going back!! ~Melissa C

My massage with Maison was excellent! I was a wreck and felt relief for the first time in months. Thank you! ~Tricia A

Best massage in Milwaukee! ~Teri A