If you want to get a good workout in and want to do it with a friend. Look no further than an old fashion relay! It’s great cardio, it can be done indoors or out, it can be modified to suit both parties fitness levels and it keeps both people accountable for their intensity. Here’s what to you need to do:

  1.  Find a safe place to run. Treadmill, indoor/outdoor track, or  a safe neighborhood (with little or no cars to worry about).

  2. Choose a total distance. Start with 1mi, 2 mi, 5k (3.1), or more for the advanced runners.

  3. Select relay interval (distance each person will take turns running). Choose a relay interval that each person can run that is challenging, but won’t take more than 4 minutes to do. So .25 miles-1 mile intervals are perfect intervals to use.

  4. Run fast! Since you have time to rest in between sets, choose a running speed that is faster than you would normally go. So if you normally run (on the treadmill) at a 6mph pace, turn it up to a 7 or 8mph pace.

  5. Active rest. When you are not running, stretch & breath. You can do exercises, but we want to focus on increasing your cardio capacity, so, instead of putting energy into doing other exercises in between each run, you should instead put that energy into running at a faster pace when it’s your turn to run.

This workout will not only be fun and challenging, it will also help you increase your running speed and decrease your mile time.

Try it out today and post comments below! Thanks!


-Chris Aiello

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